42-17709942Who is…”Fallout Frank”?

“Fallout Frank” is a movie which defies the usual tradition of horror films made today.

It does this by using themes from the 1950’s fears of the “Red Threat” and the “Cold War” and also appealing to classic 90’s horror films.   One of the major problems I think most horror films today have is that they repeat the same old treadmill.  Most of the films we see today are Remakes, Rip offs or “Re Imaginings” which fail to bring something new or fresh to the table.

The inspiration of this story comes from my childhood.  As a child of the 80’s and a member of the last generation which experienced the last throws of the “Iron Curtain” as it fell, I remember the fear as I grew up of the possibility of nuclear war.  This fear was drilled into us by movies of the time such as “The Day After” or “Red Dawn” where it wasn’t about IF World War III was going to happen…but WHEN it was going to happen.

Since the end of the Cold War, new horrors have come up that we face.  But I am still inspired by that period of time in our nation’s history which made us believe that the future of our country was in doubt.  It was this and my accidental exposure to classic 1950s Civil Defense Training films which inspired me to come up with a very iconic character.  “Fallout Frank”  A mysterious and missing patriarch of a wealthy family who disappears at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis and is discovered 30 years later to be a deadly menace.