Story takes place in 1993 in the fictional town of “Allister” Massachusetts.

James Allister: (White Male Mid Late 20’s)

Born after the loss of the Allister Family fortune, James has had to deal with the aftermath. Raised by his father after his mother left him in Allister Massachusetts, James has had to deal with the struggles and obsession his family members have had to try to reclaim the fortune. He stands alone now the last male heir of an empire which disappeared. He raises his younger sister Robin after the suicide of his father, trying to help her overcome and protecting her from the obsession which drove his family mad.

Ashley Sanders (Female Mid 20’s)

Ashley is a business savvy lawyer who was dating James when he suddenly broke off their relationship and dropped out of college. Now she’s been asked to help him deal with the Allister Family Trust which has passed to him so he can sell off the assets. Ashley is also looking to find what happened and caused James to leave, and also has been intrigued by the mysterious legend of his family. Her journey leads her to find out how deep and dark James’ family legacy goes.

Robin Allister (White Female 18’s)

Young and also traumatized by the death of her father, Robin is brought with James to their hometown to claim the last remains of their family’s estate. She is brash yet innocent. Hiding what scars she has from the inside of her mind as well as she can. Trying to be a tough girl, but also being very impressionable.

Charlie Appleton (Male 60’s)

The Caretaker of the old “Allister Instrument Company” Charlie was injured severely one year earlier. His body is covered with burns and he has symptoms of some radiation poisoning which lead to his stroke. He holds answers that James needs to understand what happened in the Factory, as well as the story of his Uncle “Frank”

Drew Johnson (Male 18’s)

Son of the Manager of the “Allister Motor Inn” He’s a total party guy, and finds out about Robin’s “inheritance” and decides to take advantage coning her into letting him and some friends see the factory. He’s very brash, and cocky.

Adam (Male 18’s)

Stoner type, hippie grunge kid. He’s always got a large source for drugs and alcohol for parties Drew throws.

Liz (Female, 18’s)

Adams Girlfriend, Cross between “Hippie” and alternative. Also more of a party girl. She loves to have a good time.

Peter (Male 18’s)

Jock athletic type, Football, Basketball. He’s going for pro but also likes to have a good time. He enjoys being the star athlete, and certainly takes advantage of his station.

Tina (Female, 18’s)

Peter’s girlfriend, Quick tempered and opinionated. She also has a protective streak in her.

Douglas Fairbanks (Male 50’s-60’s)

A perspective buyer of the “Allister Instrument Company” Factory, Douglas also has a darker more mysterious motive which goes back to “Frank”

Agent Rogers (Male 50’s – 40s)

FBI Agent tailing James to flush out a mysterious individual who may have ties to “Frank”

Agent Salvidore (Male 30’s)

FBI Agent working with Rodgers. He’s younger and more impressionable, looking to make a career in the FBI.


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